natural remedies for RLS Natural Remedies for RLS - There are so many recommendations and natural remedies for RLS online now that it can be confusing as to which actually work and which are bogus. To add to the confusion, not everyone will react to the same influence within their body so that just because a remedy may work for one person, it doesn’t [...]
willis-ekbom disease Recognizing Willis-Ekbom Disease - There is a silent condition out there that is causing millions of people severe discomfort. It is called Willis-Ekbom Disease which is more popularly known as restless leg syndrome. It has been called a neurological disorder and it has been noted to affect more women than men. Most of the time restless legs syndrome goes [...]
RLS During Pregnancy RLS During Pregnancy - We know so many mothers who began their RLS symptoms during their pregnancy, and many, that was when their nightmare had just begun. Often, symptoms will subside after childbirth, however, there are those mothers whose long journey of RLS began with their pregnancy. Why is there such a correlation with pregnancy and RLS? There are [...]
symptoms of rls Top 10 RLS Symptoms - You know you’re not crazy. Your doctor can’t explain it or tells you that you just have too much stress in your life and to cut down on the caffeine intake. You don’t drink caffeine. Your partner knows that you have something going on because he’s waking up constantly in the middle of the night [...]
Restless Leg Syndrome Diet Top 7 Foods on the Restless Leg Syndrome Diet - Although there is no definitive restless leg syndrome diet, there are known foods that can help combat RLS as well as foods that can trigger RLS symptoms. These are the best foods you should be including in your diet in order to fight restless leg syndrome. They contain the highest concentrations of the vitamins and [...]
What causes RLS What Causes RLS? Restless Leg Syndrome and the Dopamine Connection - Did you know that there is a crucial link between dopamine and restless leg syndrome? Most experts are now in agreement on this. I can almost hear you saying, “But what exactly does that mean? And please don’t confuse me with fancy medical terms.” There have been so many new discoveries just in the past [...]
magnesium for restless legs What is the Best Magnesium for Restless Legs? - We often get a customers asking us what is the best magnesium for restless legs? Since the beginning of medicine, magnesium has been a mineral that has long been used to treat a multitude of medical issues. It has been shown to be really important to your body because it can assist and help run [...]
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